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What Makes Paint Protection Film Different to Other Protectors?

You’ve heard “Paint Protection Film” being tossed around, especially after purchasing your new car. Perhaps your dealer recommended a package that gives your car a full wrap. Perhaps a knowledgeable friend suggested you “protect your investment”. Either way, Paint Protection Film is a highly beneficial addition to your vehicle that you should always consider. But what makes it different to other types of films and why should you choose paint protection film over the other options?

Some other common vehicle protectants include Waxes and Coatings. What makes them different to Paint Protection Film?

Waxes and Sealants:

Waxes (natural) and Sealants (synthetic) offer similar functions to one another. Both are applied to the exterior of the car through buffing or spray. These products will help protect your vehicle from contaminants without interrupting your vehicle’s look. However, to keep these products at their full effectiveness, they must be reapplied frequently.


Unlike waxes and sealants, coatings will chemically bond with the vehicle’s paint. The liquid polymer will get into the cracks and valleys of your vehicle’s paintjob, creating a solid layer of protection. Ceramic coating also creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond to your vehicle which means repeat applications are not necessary.

Paint Protection Film:

3M protection film is the most comprehensive form of protection you can have for your vehicle. Not only is it long lasting, it is also resistant to fading and staining. Unlike waxes and coatings, paint protection film also comes in a variety of finishes to suite your tastes (Matte, clear, satin). There are also varieties of paint protection film that have self-healing properties, further increasing the film’s longevity.

For the absolute best balance between cost and functionality, Paint Protection Film is your best option. Out of all the options to help protect your vehicle, paint protection film offers superior, long-lasting results. Remember to always go to a professional applicator to have your own paint protection film applied right!

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Sep 19, 2022

After having windshield replacement i contacted a local glass repair company to add that film over the windshield but they refused to do it. So, i contacted a window tinted shop for that job.

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