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What Is Paint Protection Film?

So you’ve got a new car and you want to keep it looking like this for as long as you can. What are your options?

Durable paint protection film is long-lasting and will protect the exterior of your vehicle from any unwelcome chips, scratches, scuffs, and dents. By wrapping your vehicle in paint protection film, you’ll be protecting your investment.

Another major benefit to consider is how easy it will be to clean your car with a paint protection film application on it. A simple wipe will keep contaminants off your vehicle, and water will glide down the body of your car.

Crystal clear clarity and 100% invisible means your cars aesthetics won’t be interrupted or hidden. You shouldn’t have to choose between protection and style, and paint protection film makes this easy by giving you both.

A Brief History of 3M Protection

The earliest application of paint protection was in the Vietnam War. Helicopter rotor blades and transport vehicles were often damaged by flying debris and shrapnel. The US military asked 3M to develop a solution that would help protect valuable assets. As a result, a replaceable, protective film was created and implemented into the US military with an incredible adoption rate. It was used so often on military helicopters that it was nicknamed “Helicopter tape”. Since then, paint protection film has become much more durable and used in all sorts of applications.

Installing Paint Protection Film

This is the trickiest part about paint protection film. To achieve a perfect application with smooth, long-lasting results, be sure to go to your local applicator. Phantom PPF is equipped to deal with the finicky nature of paint protection film application. Our controlled environment ensures that everything goes perfectly and precisely so that you can enjoy your car at its absolute best!


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