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Is Window Tint Legal in Calgary?

PhantomPPF window tint

You researched whether window tint is legal or illegal here in Calgary. After reading some blogs and surfing Google, you are unsuccessful in finding the answers.

The mixed reviews online left you unsure what the truth really is.

To answer that question: Yes. It is legal to have tinted windows in the backseat and rear of your car. There are no consequences of going as dark as 75 percent opacity, which is considered the maximum recommendation.

But it is illegal for a vehicle to have window tint on the driver-side windows and the windshield regardless of opacity level. You may get away with 35 percent opacity, but anything more than that gives you a substantial risk of getting pulled over by police. It is always best to avoid unnecessary ticket payments.

Why is Darker Window Tint Illegal?

Dark window tint on the front side of your vehicle is illegal because of road safety. The darker the window tint, the harder it is for you to see what is on the road. Obstructing your view on the road can lead to car accidents, plus reduced visibility during night driving can be deadly. The Police also find it difficult to identify criminal activity if the front of a vehicle is heavily tinted

Car window tint infographic


Why Should You Consider Window Tint?

You want to feel comfortable whenever you get behind the wheel of your car. With window tinting, you can make your car up to 60 percent cooler during the summertime. With the added benefit of blocking 99 percent of harmful UV rays, you will not feel like you are baking while cruising down the highway. Avoid an excessively hot interior and interior UV damage with our tinting services. On top of all that, it just looks cool when you are driving.

There Are Other Ways to Get Your Window Tinted

Having a professional applicator like Phantom PPF install your window tint is recommended. Our invisible window tint film offers the protection of traditional window tinting while making sure that you stay safe and end up following the law. Get in touch today and we’ll tell you all about how our window tinting services will leave your sight clear and your drive comfortable!

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24 de abr. de 2023

Tinting reduces the visibility which can cause accidents in the end that's the reason in some states the tinting is banned or find illegal and if someone has been found doing that they can be find and maybe they can be behind the bars. So, while having windshield replacement it is important to not do window tinting where it is illegal.

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