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Calgary Car Polishing, Wax, Buffer, and Scratch Removal Services



Phantom PPF Car Polishing Solutions


Phantom PPF car paint scratch removal, polishing, buffering, and waxing solutions

Car Polishing, Wax, Buffer & Scratch Removal

Phantom Paint Protection Film understands that it’s the little things that make life enjoyable. Our polishing services add that special touch to your luxury vehicle so that you can continue your life on the road with a brilliant sheen.

Our technicians believe every vehicle is a diamond in the rough, and yours is just a quick buff away from revealing its full potential. Whether you need minor imperfections buffed out or full body polish, there’s nothing we won’t handle. Let us know how we can make you proud of your vehicle.

Expect amazing results that only a professional polish job can deliver. We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to polishing, and with Phantom Paint Protection Film you’ll have a vehicle that will shine brilliantly even in the dark of night.

Our passion is to protect yours.


A Radiant Shine


Let others bathe in the radiance of your newly polished vehicle. With our premium polishing service, your luxury vehicle will look like it just came off the production line, delivering a brilliant shine that will demand attention. Stand out and show off, that's what it's all about!

Beauty Beneath Layers


Reveal a new layer of excellence. After receiving a polish job, your vehicle will reveal another layer of paint underneath an older and worn layer. Your vehicle will look brand new. Cleaner, smoother, and ready for action, the aesthetics of your vehicle will receive a well-deserved rejuvenation.

Imperfections Be-Gone


Remove unappealing imperfections and spots by polishing them away. Minor scratches and abrasions will vanish after a polishing, leaving your vehicle looking pristine and perfect. These small mistakes can be undone with our services!

Proud polishing provider of luxury cars such as Ferrari

Spot Removal


Make pesky spots on your vehicle’s paint job invisible. While they can’t be removed, these spots can be made invisible and imperceptible after a good polishing. You can imagine just how clean your vehicle will look afterwards.

Even Everything Out


Did you receive an uneven paint job? Have you noticed swirls on the surface of your car? Our polishing service is the answer to these nuisances. Once the vehicle undergoes our professional polishing, the paint job will look smooth and slick.

Temporary Protection


Receive a temporary layer of protection from dirt, mud, and grime. Contaminants will have a tougher time sticking to the surface of your car, allowing you to clean your vehicle easily as an added bonus. All thanks to a smooth, polished surface.

Here's what our customers have to say

Phantom PPF is the only company that we trust to work on our Ferraris. Time after time we have relied on them for special requests and time sensitive vehicles. If you expect the highest level of detail on each install look no further.

Carlo Galasso, Dealer Principal at Ferrari of Alberta



Call us and we’ll be ready to service your vehicle whenever you need it. Our experienced and passionate technicians will work with you to find the best solution for all your polishing needs.


Drop your vehicle off at our location and we’ll get your car ready for a long life on the road in no time.


No matter how much you need done, we’re ready to deliver. If your car needs a full body polish or a simple spot polish, we will be more than happy to help.


Check out our array of top-notch services: Car windshield protection film, vinyl & decalsnanocoating, tinting, leather care, and car paint protection film installation. Elevate your ride's protection and aesthetics today!

Top quality polishing solutions for high end cars


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Car Polishing Services

Q1: What is car polishing, and how does it benefit my vehicle's appearance?

A1: Car polishing is a process that involves removing imperfections, swirl marks, and light scratches from the vehicle's paint surface, resulting in a glossy and smooth finish, enhancing its overall appearance.

Q2: How often should I get my car polished?

A2: The frequency of car polishing depends on factors like your driving habits, environmental conditions, and the condition of your vehicle's paint. Generally, yearly or bi-yearly polishing is recommended for most vehicles.

Q3: Will car polishing remove deeper scratches or paint damage?

A3: Car polishing is effective in removing minor surface scratches and imperfections. However, for deeper scratches or paint damage, additional services like paint correction may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

Q4: Can car polishing protect my car's paint from future damage?

A4: Car polishing helps restore the paint's shine and creates a protective layer, but it does not provide long-term protection. To safeguard your car's paint, consider applying a quality paint sealant or ceramic coating after polishing.

Q5: Is car polishing safe for all types of vehicle paint?

A5: Yes, professional car polishing services are safe for most types of vehicle paint. Skilled technicians use appropriate tools and techniques to ensure safe and effective polishing without causing damage to the paint.

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