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Vehicle Paint Protection Film Installation Services



Precise  Application PPF Film Service in Calgary

Car Paint Protection Film

At Phantom Paint Protection Film, we understand the need to protect your vehicle and keeping it looking its best for as long as possible. Whether it is a brand-new luxury sports car or a favourite vintage classic from your own collection, we’re here to protect your passion and uphold your pride.

Whenever you need us, we will be there ready to service your vehicle so that you will be ready to hit the road with a brand-new sense of protection as our paint protection film shields your car from unwanted chips and scratches. Our self-healing paint protection film products will ensure your vehicle will stay protected for longer. With our service, we’ll have your vehicle ready for the unexpected as soon as you need it with uncompromising quality.

We recommend looking into our nano coating services to add another layer of protection for your vehicle. After all, you and your vehicle deserve excellence.

Our passion is to protect yours.


Unprecedented Protection


Your luxury vehicle will be protected from unexpected mishaps. Stray rocks on the road or random debris will never leave a mark. That beautiful paint job will remain intact, looking just the way it did when you first bought it.


You will be given a renewed sense of confidence and safety as you take to the streets. Abrasions, scratches, markings, and chips will be a thing of the past as you glide through the streets with a rejuvenated sense of confidence.

Self Healing


Our paint protection film is a self-healing, transparent, elastomeric polymer membrane that will guarantee longevity. With our self-healing paint protection film we guarantee the best value for your money and an application that will last.


Any minor scratches or scuffs on the film will disappear underneath the sun in no time, making you question whether the vehicle was even hit by anything in the first place. Surface damage and aesthetic imperfections become insignificant.

Maintain Value


Without having to worry about scratches and chips, you also don’t have to be concerned about resale value dropping. Keep the value of your vehicle from taking any unexpected hits and avoid any financial headaches with our paint protection film.

By protecting your vehicular investment you'll have the peace of mind you so rightly deserved. Not just for your car, but for your wallet too. At Phantom Paint Protection Film, our passion is to protect yours.

Xpel Ultimate Plus

Offering superior optical quality, self-healing properties, and stain resistance, Xpel Ultimate Plus is the protection your vehicle deserves. Phantom Paint Protection Film offers Xpel Ultimate Plus in two very distinct looks.

Clear PPF auto protection film installation
Matte Finish PPF Paint Protection Film Service


For when you want to protect your vehicle but keep it's original look shining through with a glossy sheen.


For when you want to stay protected but have a unique look like no one else on the road.

Save On Costs

Repairing your luxury vehicle is going to cost you a significant amount of money. Why spend this on repairs when you can pay a considerably smaller fee to prevent unexpected costs and damages from appearing in the first place?

A layer of paint protection film will be a long-term investment that you will be glad to have. Save up to 40% of repair costs with a single application of our paint protection film.


Keep your vehicle’s exquisite paint job shining with this transparent film. A clear covering that will not compromise the visual aesthetics of your luxury vehicle, even going as far as improving the look by adding a shining, glossy veneer.

That wonderful, glossy sheen will not be lost to the ravages of time as it will prevent older paint from fading. Lastly, a natural ability to reflect UV rays will stop the sun itself from damaging your vehicle.

Cleaning made easy

Applying a paint protection film will make cleaning your vehicle much easier. With its dust repellent nature, your car’s exterior will not have a dust build-up problem.

With our paint protection film, you can expect to use a simple soft cloth to wipe your vehicle without the need for water.  You'll be getting your vehicle to look its best for life on the road exceedingly fast, letting you worry more about your next destination than your next cleaning session.

Paint Protection Packages

Standard PPF Package

Standard Package

Partial Hood Coverage (24" Hood & Fender)

Front Bumper


Here's what our customers have to say

Phantom PPF is the only company that we trust to work on our Ferraris. Time after time we have relied on them for special requests and time sensitive vehicles. If you expect the highest level of detail on each install look no further.

Carlo Galasso, Dealer Principal at Ferrari of Alberta

Protect Your Vehicle Today!


Call us and we’ll be ready to service your vehicle whenever you need it. Our experienced and passionate technicians will work with you to find the best solution for all your paint protection film needs.


Drop your vehicle off at our location and we’ll get your car ready for a long life on the road in no time.


Whether you need protection on the hood of your car or if you want a full body application, or anything in between, there’s no job too big or small for us.


Discover our array of top-notch services: Car tinting, vinyl & decalsnanocoating, leather care, polishing, and windshield protection. Elevate your ride's protection and aesthetics today!

Phantom PPF Paint Protection Film Calgary.jpeg


Standard Phantom PPF package

Standard Package

Partial Hood Coverage (24" Hood & Fender)

Front Bumper







Q1: How does Phantom Paint Protection Film work?

A1: Phantom Paint Protection Film is designed to shield your vehicle from chips and scratches. It is a self-healing film that provides long-lasting protection, keeping your car looking its best for a long time.

Q2: What types of vehicles can benefit from using Phantom Paint Protection Film?

A2: Phantom Paint Protection Film is suitable for all types of vehicles, including brand-new luxury sports cars and vintage classics. It offers excellent protection for any vehicle you value and wants to keep looking pristine.

Q3: How long will my vehicle stay protected with Phantom Paint Protection Film?

A3: With Phantom Paint Protection Film's self-healing properties, your vehicle will stay protected for an extended period. The film ensures your car's paint remains shielded from potential damage, providing lasting protection.

Q4: Is the application of Phantom Paint Protection Film a quick process?

A4: Yes, our expert team is dedicated to providing efficient service. We will promptly apply the Phantom Paint Protection Film to your vehicle, ensuring it's ready to hit the road with reliable protection as soon as you need it.

Q5: What additional protection does the nano-coating service provide?

A5: Our nano-coating service offers an extra layer of protection for your vehicle. It enhances the overall protection provided by the Phantom Paint Protection Film, keeping your car safe from various environmental elements, giving it that extra level of excellence.

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