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Thank you for choosing ULTRAFIT WinCrest Windshield Protection Film from Inogrow as your personal protection for your automobile. With ULTRAFIT WinCrest, you will be getting top-notch features that have been tested and proven in the field. Our Manufacturer's Defect Limited Warranty personifies the accountability and responsibility we at ULTRAFIT believe to ensure quality products and quality customer service. Please go over the entire warranty carefully to understand your coverage as well as your rights and duties as a customer in respect to the warranty.  If you have any questions or concerns about our product, please email us at and we will gladly assist you right away.


The Manufacturer's Defect Limited Warranty Coverage warrants the product for a period of 24 months or 40,000km (25,000 miles) from the original date of purchase, whichever comes first.

This Manufacturer's Defect Limited Warranty is non-transferrable and will only be available to the original client who purchased the product. The Warranty only covers cost of the material, and no additional costs. Inogrow will be exclusively responsible for determining legitimacy of all claims and reserves the right to rebuff claims that does not meet the criteria listed below.


Traces of the product yellowing from its original state, as well as a change in clarity or transparency caused by UV radiation and weathering.


Traces of undeniable surface cracks of different lengths on the surface of the product. Cracking transpires without the presence of scuffs or scratch marks denoting physical abuse and is typically accompanied by a tacky surface.


One or more layers of the film become detached from each other when no unusual physical abrasion or trauma has occurred to the product. Normal abrasion would include use of windshield wipers or ice scrapers. Delamination occurs without the presence of scuffs or scratch marks denoting unusual physical abuse.


Traces of bubbles appear on the product not created from the introduction of an external gas, liquid or by intentionally removing the product from the windshield. Doesn't include the appearance of bubbles under the product.


Detachment of the product from the windshielf along its edge for a depth of more than 5mm in the absence of physical force (including but not limited to intentionally peeling the product, direct pressure-washing, or lifting the product with a scraper or any foreign object.)


If the product is deemed to be defective by Inogrow, Inogrow will replace the defective film by sending the replacement film to the installer, as issued by the client. Inogrow is not liable or responsible for the cost of re-installation of the product, or any other additional costs. We do not cover the cost or offer any kind of reimbursement for labour as this warranty only applies to the product. In no event shall Inogrow will be liable or responsible for any loss of damage, including without limitation, direct, indirect, or consequential damages. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which will vary by country, province, city, region, county, etc.


If we are responsible for the replacement of your windshield protection film, you must call us or the dealer first before replacing the product. Any repairs or replacements made without our prior approval will not be covered under the warranty.


ULTRAFIT's Manufacturer's Defect Limited Warranty will only cover the listed manufacturing defects or the product, and does not cover or apply to damages caused by:

  • Normal wear and tear (Windshield wiper scratching)

  • Misuse, mishandling, modification, negligence, abuse, customization, vandalism

  • Improper maintenance

  • Unpredictable weather conditions (sandstorms, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes)

  • Improper installation, repair or any kind of service done by unauthorized persons

  • Purchase from an unauthorized dealer

  • Car accidents, collisions

  • Repeated exposure to cehmicals which include but are not limited to acids, alcohol (isopropyl, denatured), gasoline, acetone, kerosene, ethanol

  • Use of abrasive materials

  • Use of power washers

  • Off-road driving (dirt, mining, or gravel roads)


No agent, representative, installer, dealer or employee has the authority to alter, extend, modify, or increase the obligations or limitations of this Manufacturer's Defect Limited Warranty. Whoever installs the product is not a member or employee of ULTRAFIT and is solely responsible for any kind of defects or problems that results from improper installation or any type of work that would be done on the product that caused damage to the product.

Do not drive your vehicle if the windshield protection film impairs your line of sight or visibility or effects your ability to drive in any way due to discoloration, cracks, bubbling or peeling. Driving your vehicle with these conditions may cause serious injury or damage to yourself and for others on the road.

We hereby disclaim liability for damages or injuries caused by use of your vehicle under these conditions. Upon discovery of such conditions, the product should be removed immediately. Any product that has been removed must be maintained for proof of loss as provided for under the terms of this document. Please see manufacturer's defect limited warranty.


To file a claim, the original client who purchased the product must contact the installer or Inogrow within the Manufacturer's Defect Limited Warranty period. The claim must include a copy of the original receipt as well as detailed photographs of the defective product. Inogrow will be exclusively responsible for determining legitimacy of all claims and reserves the right to rebuff claims that does not meet the criteria in the Manufacturer's Defect Limited Warranty. Claims can be sent to


We at Inogrow hope that the information provided about our warranty was clear and easy to follow. We understand that warranty is something that shouldn't be taken lightly, so everything was taken seriously and developed after much thought and consideration. We will keep doing our best to better inform you and research ideas and concepts that can further accelerate and help you in the future. After looking the information provided and still have inquiries, please feel free to contact us at


Simple instructions for maximum performance

Don't soak it

Avoid car washes, rain and using your wipers (whenever possible) for the first couple of days

Let it dry

Expose your brand new ExoShield to the sun to help speed up the curing process

Be patient

You may see distortions at first, but give it time and these will disappear once curing is complete


Be Debris Free

Keep your wipers free of dirt or debris with regular cleaning with a damp cloth

Hand wash or Touchless

Use soap and water to hand wash your windshield or simply use a touchless car wash

Use Approved Products

Guarantee a long life by only using ExoShield approved coatings and surface treatments


Don't Use Pressure Washers

Pressure washing can eat away and damage your ExoShield protection, potentially removing it

Don't Use Ammonia Based Agents

Ammonia based glass cleaners or windshield washer fluids will compromise your protection

Don't Use Rough Materials

Metal, perforated, or rough plastic ice scrapers should be avoided to keep your WinCrest pristine

Don't Let Contaminants Sit

Be sure to remove contaminants like sap or droppings from your WinCrest


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